Antelope Valley Youthbuild

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Antelope Valley Youthbuild

Rebuilding Communities & Transforming Lives

  • Flexible Scheduling/Online Education
  • Classroom based education
  • Counseling Services
  • Certified Construction Training and courses
  • Career Development
  • Community Leadership – Members serve their communities by building affordable housing and participating in community service learning projects
Developing Leaders for the Future
Program Overview

Leaders of the Future

Develop your Dreams

Antelope Valley YouthBuild is a leadership development program that offers opportunity youth from the ages 16-29 an accredited high school diploma through our education partner Youthbuild Charter School of California. Our purpose is to offer youth a safe, supportive, and structured learning environment as well as helping them rebuild their communities and their lives. Participants spend six to twenty-four months in our program dividing their time between hands-on construction learning utilizing Building & Trades Multi-Craft Core Curriculum (MC3), career training and project-based learning.

Participants serve their communities by building affordable housing and participating in Community Service Learning projects. AVYB offers classroom-based education, counseling services, certified construction training, career development, and community development; as well as courses in construction training and more. Our vision is to create a positive impact on a young person’s life by providing them with the opportunity and tools to be empowered as leaders of today for tomorrow.

Antelope Valley YouthBuild FAQ

Our vision is to create a positive impact in a young person's life by providing young people with the opportunity and tools to be empowered as leaders of today for tomorrow.

What are the requirements to enroll?

  • 16 yrs to 29 yrs 
  • Needing a Highschool Diploma 
  • Willingness to learn and participate

Complete the interest form - and select "Antelope Valley YouthBuild". Then schedule appointment with our Front Office. 

It depends how many credits you come in with and how many classes you take, so it’s different for everyone. It takes the average student 1.3 years to earn their high school diploma at YCSC.  YouthBuild Charter students earn an average of 46.5 credits each school year (1.7x more credits than these same students earned at the previous schools they attended). Motivated students who take a full course load and complete all assignments can earn around 30 credits per trimester or 90 credits per year.

In order to graduate, students need to complete 200 credits* in the following areas: 30 credits of English, 10 credits of Algebra, 10 credits of Math, 5 credits of Government, 5 credits of Economics, 10 credits of Art/Foreign Language, 10 credits of Biology/Life Science, 10 credits of Physical Science, 10 credits of U.S. History, 10 credits of World History, 10 credits of Technology, 5 credits of Health, 5 credits of Life Skills, 5 credits of Community Service, and 65 credits of Electives. When a student enrolls at YouthBuild Charter, a counselor will assess their transcripts to see which credits they have already earned at previous schools so that they are not enrolled in classes where they have already earned the required amount of credits. Learn more on our Graduation Requirements page.

* Students who qualify under AB167/216 (foster/probation youth) or AB1806 (homeless youth) are eligible for a credit reduction waiver. Talk to your counselor when enrolling to verify whether you qualify for a waiver.

In collaboration with our partner YouthBuild Charter School of California, we are able to enroll and offer a high school diploma to students between the ages of 16 to 29. This means that even if you turned 18 and were too old to remain at your old high school, you can enroll at our program and earn a high school diploma with us. How is this possible? California Department of Education Code Section 47610-47615 allows for this age exemption for charter schools that work with YouthBuild and Conservation Corps programs; click for full text of the California Ed. Code.